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1. Air Mat Floor
The air mat floor is cleverly designed with thousands of polyester threads criss-crossing one another. It is inflated to a high pressure, proving as tough and rigid as a conventional wooden floor but with added lightness and comfort. Its small size allows it to be easily transported and stored in tight spaces.

2. Aluminum Floor
The aluminum floor is easy to maintain with its exceptional resistance to all types of impact. This is the favorite type of floor for divers and fans of high-performance boats. It can be fitted in and completely disassembled for quick and easy maintenance.

3. Plywood Floor
It is economical and simple to use. It is a plywood-board system, making it the ideal choice for day tripping and fishing activities alike. Its aluminum frame is strong and durable for years of dependable use.

4. Slat Floor
The slat floor allows assembly without extracting the flooring from the boat, or those who need compactness and portability. It is small, light and easy to assemble.

Main Products
  • Inflatable Sport Boat It is kept rigid crossways by an aluminium thwart. After the floor has been mounted and chambers on the board and cone keelson have been inflated, the bottom of the inflatable boat will be stretched into V-shape, giving the boat better ...
  • Rigid Inflatable Boat, RIB Boat The rigid inflatable boat gives you the feeling and performance of a ship. It has proper hardness and deep V-shaped bottom. RIB boat's fiberglass hull enables it to cleave through the waves like an ordinary ...
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Company Brief :Hubei Machinery&Equipment International Limited is an international group dealing with various categories of boats, projects of ship building as per customer's design. With close to 30 years' international trade experience, we are dedicated in providing high quality made-in-China products to overseas market. Our main line covers fiberglass boats with a great variety purposes, inflatable boats such as inflatable sport boat, rigid inflatable raft, canoe, and banana boat, inflatable tent, inflatable boat accessories, out board engines, as well as costumed boats etc. We have a number of subordinative professional manufacturers supplying high quality boats and boat accessories.All the inflatable boats are made of high quality PVC materials imported from South Korea. The material is of high-intensity, high air tightness and water resistance, accepted by all customers from international markets. Our products are CE certified.